Rapper. Songwriter. Composer


This Nashville, Tennesse native can rap, sing, and write. He is rap powerhouse on a war path of greatness. They call him TNK aka "The New King". The new king you say? Yeah....The new king of rap. He delivers a story while throwing punch line for punch line. He's hungry. HE'S READY.

TNK was motivated to do music since the young age of 5, he and his grandmother use to rap to each other playing around. Sparking his interest to physically start writing music at the age of 8 all while listening to Bone Thugs In Harmony and the Hotboyz. TNK graced the stage for the first time on Haddly Park by TSU. Being influenced by Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I, and Jeezy had lead to TNK's biggest accomplishment which he feels is music elevation.

TNK enjoys the reactions from people, inspiring him to continue on his musically journey. For this artist music is a stepping stone to greater things. Through music videos, battles, shows, and recording sessions. He shows a will and drive to win each day as he proves himself through actions and lyrics. "This is my life. Losing is not an option". Just watch what the new king is gonna throw your way NEXT!

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